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Churches on Fire Annual Convention International
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Please check all of the boxes below that apply to how you are willing to volunteer.

Areas of interest to volunteer:         (See Duties below)

Administrative Volunteer
Serve as assistant to COF Staff; Assist with Conference tasks in designated area; Responsible for managing volunteers in designated area. (Requires excessive walking, some lifting, and extended standing)

Altar Worker Volunteer
Assist at altar - experienced ministers and prayer warriors invited.

Armorbearer Volunteer
Assist with serving Conference Speakers/Guests/Delegates; Help to ensure timely arrival of scheduled Speakers/Psalmists/Instructors/Panelists/etc. to sessions; Maintain hospitality area. (Requires extensive walking)

Greeter Volunteer
Greet and guide delegates and attendees at conference and hotel. Welcome Conference Attendees, distribute Conference materials, assist in giving directions and accurate Conference related information. (Requires long period of standing. Some walking may be required)

Media Relations Volunteer
Assist with pre- and on-site conference marketing and public relations to increase conference participation and awareness. Work with media outlets!

Production Volunteer
Assist with sound, lighting, recording of sessions; Responsible for collecting Artists’ music and other related materials; assist with CD/DVD duplication service as needed. (Requires excessive walking)

Registration Volunteer
Assist with managing registration area and preparing registration materials; Ensuring the timely distribution of registration materials; Assist non-registered attendees with registration process. (Some lifting may be required)

Security Volunteer
Assist Conference staff with maintaining the safety of conference participants; Communicate with appropriate authorities in the event of emergencies or threatening situations.

Transportation Volunteer
Assist in accommodating conference speakers and guests’ transportation needs as driver/host. (Requires valid Driver’s License)

Usher Volunteer
Serve and seat attendees during services. Must be attentive and hospitable.(Requires long period of standing and excessive walking)

Vendor Volunteer
Assist with vendor set-up/break-down and monitoring. Assist vendors with adhering to vendor guidelines, set-up/breakdown, sales as needed. (May require excessive standing and some heavy lifting may be required)
Whole Event
One Day
Two Days
Vendor Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Altar Worker
Media Relations